• Albert Einstein
    Try not to become a man of success.
    Rather become a man of value.
  • L. Tolstoy
    There is no greatness where there is no,
    simplicity, goodness and truth.
  • Richard Bach
    Avoid problems, and you'll never
    be the one who overcame them.
  • Confucius
    The man who moves a mountain begins
    by carrying away small stones.
  • Confucius
    The man who moves a mountain begins
    by carrying away small stones.

The news

After "Protection against violence" law has taken effect in 2011 December 15 Marijampolė County Women's activity Center, together with other 16 organizations in Lithuania is carring out Specialized support center function. This center staff provides comprehensive assistance to victims of violence (or have seen, heard violence), no matter what gender they are. There are reports of not only violent men, but also about violent sons, brothers, grandchildrens(male), grandparents and less frequently about violent wives, daughters, sisters or even grandchildrens(female).  
There are punishments for domestic violence and one of them may be Court judgment to change violent behavior during an activity in specific programs. One of the Marijampolė county Men's Crisis center's activity is to carry out violent change programs.

We suggest not to wait until violent behavior modification program will be ordered by Court judgment, but to apply themselves personally to people who are unable to manage their emotions.
"Every one of us are surviving crisis - bigger ones or smaller ones. At difficult moments we are looking for someone to lean to, where to gain strength or to get wise advice. Sometimes when it hurts for a person, he/she feels lonely. Sometimes he/she is angry, aggressive, have fears and addictions. We - men would like to solve these problems ourselves without involving and making difficulties to others, but.... In life and work I communicate a lot with men and I notice that not only just one men got away from difficult situation only when he found with whom to share his onus, received help". These are words of Remigijus Bimba - personal trainer, Lithuania bodybuilding and fitness federation President of the Jury, Vilnius Bodybuilding and Fitness Clubs Secretary General. Read more into these words. ("Help for men and their family members").

Men's Crisis and Information Center specialists say that men are violent because of desperation, being unable to show their importance in other ways. They think that violence can be treated as an aspiration to leadership or control the situation, avoiding to show their weakness, helplessness.

     We are offering help. You just need to call us by phone numbers: 00370 343 59525 or +370 633 55007 every workday from 11.00 to 17.00 and come to us on agreed time. Write to us, ask us marvkc3@gmail.com, let's discuss on website's Forum webpage on your topics of interest.