• Albert Einstein
    Try not to become a man of success.
    Rather become a man of value.
  • L. Tolstoy
    There is no greatness where there is no,
    simplicity, goodness and truth.
  • Richard Bach
    Avoid problems, and you'll never
    be the one who overcame them.
  • Confucius
    The man who moves a mountain begins
    by carrying away small stones.
  • Confucius
    The man who moves a mountain begins
    by carrying away small stones.

Marijampolė county Men's Crisis Center sponsors

        Marijampolė County Men's Crisis Center – new, non-governmental non-profit organization. Since the activity just started, we do not have sponsors, but we hope to receive major support from business people, politicians and private masculine gender people because, as there we are equal between equals, the government and the management of funds in Marijampolė's region is in male hands.
        It is heard for many times that helping organizations are created only for women. So now, we hope to get help from people willing to support programs for men.

This can be done in several ways:
1. By sending funds to our account at the Šiaulių bank - LT087181800000606689;
2. Contacting by phone: 00370 343 59525 or mobile: +370 633 55007;
3. Contact by e. mail – marvkc3@gmail.com;
4. By appointing to us 2% of personal income tax.

Organization code: 303071233.

We will appreciate any financial support.

     We are offering help. You just need to call us by phone numbers: 00370 343 59525 or +370 633 55007 every workday from 11.00 to 17.00 and come to us on agreed time. Write to us, ask us marvkc3@gmail.com, let's discuss on website's Forum webpage on your topics of interest.

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Here can be your photo or initials (as you wish) if you express your wish to join our organization and become a FACE of organization. World practice shows that such cooperation brings mutual benefits: awareness, respect, development, growth, quality of services, the ability to give and receive, and to the public - dignified, safe and qualified life.


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