• Albert Einstein
    Try not to become a man of success.
    Rather become a man of value.
  • L. Tolstoy
    There is no greatness where there is no,
    simplicity, goodness and truth.
  • Richard Bach
    Avoid problems, and you'll never
    be the one who overcame them.
  • Confucius
    The man who moves a mountain begins
    by carrying away small stones.
  • Confucius
    The man who moves a mountain begins
    by carrying away small stones.


2014 Marijampolė County Men's Crisis Center program:

        The program aims to set up place for Marijampolė County Men's Crisis Center, which will provide support to men who find themselves in difficult life situations or are violent, taking part in violent behavior modification program DAVD, adapted in Denmark and temporary accommodation. Read more...

        Marijampolė County Men's Crisis Center, just born non-governmental organization. Because of that it has not won any project yet. However, the initiators of Marijampolė County Men's Crisis Center creation also are members of Marijampolė County Women's activity center. By carrying out programs of Ministry of Social Security and Labour they were carying out projects to help victims and perpetrators of violence since 2007. We can mention the projects in which we were giving help for men who wanted to change their violent behavior, were experiencing social seperation, divorce or the death of the loved ones.

These are the projects in which were also touched to the problems of men and help for them:
  1. "Realization of equal opportunities for women and men in the employment areas – implements, practice, changes" - 2005. Partners of Social Innovation Fund. Sponsor - U.S. Embassy Democracy Commission Program, Ministry of Social Security and Labour (MSSL);
  2. "Help for violators, who are willing to change their way of life"- in 2007. Sponsor - Ministry of Social Security and Labour (MSSL);
  3. "Giving a hand to violators - 2009. Sponsor - MSSL;
  4. "Program of a professional self-realization and full integration into the labor market for single mothers and fathers who are raising children with behavioral and emotional problems."
  5. The project "Lone, but not separated" 2009 - 2012. Partner of Child Development Center .
    Sponsor - EU Social Fund, the Government of Lithuania;
  6. "Ensurance of family well-being, by giving help to domestic violence people. In partnership with institutions from Marijampolė region." In 2010. Sponsor - MSSL.
  7. "Marijampolė's specialized assistance center" - 2012 - 2014 m. Sponsor - MSSL.

     We are offering help. You just need to call us by phone numbers: 00370 343 59525 or +370 633 55007 every workday from 11.00 to 17.00 and come to us on agreed time. Write to us, ask us marvkc3@gmail.com, let's discuss on website's Forum webpage on your topics of interest.

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