• Albert Einstein
    Try not to become a man of success.
    Rather become a man of value.
  • L. Tolstoy
    There is no greatness where there is no,
    simplicity, goodness and truth.
  • Richard Bach
    Avoid problems, and you'll never
    be the one who overcame them.
  • Confucius
    The man who moves a mountain begins
    by carrying away small stones.
  • Confucius
    The man who moves a mountain begins
    by carrying away small stones.

Welcome to Marijampolė county Men's Crisis Center website

      Our vision
– to become a useful for community and its valued organization which would make it safe for family life and which would give help in trusted enviroment for men who are struck by crisis or got into a difficult situation, so with the new knowledge they would be able to build a stable life.

     Statistically men are more tend to violence than women. Men have acquired a violent behavior, and this has even become an attribute of masculinity in many films or commercials. How easily men becomes violent and insulting others depends on a number of reasons which are led by social influence, based on provisions, upbringing and attitude to violence and abuse which are formed in everyone's family. While talking with a man who use violence it is needed to help him understand the whole development of this behavior - from what it started, how it has continued to evolve and how it has played a role in his family. It is needed to change the provisions of violence and abuse, people have to learn to solve conflicts in non-violent way.

     Also statistically about 1000 people commit suicide in Lithuania, and mostly men (6 times more than women). Men rate of sickness and prevalence of mental illnesses, psychological development disorders and alcoholism are also several times higher than women (and still growing). Because of these reasons men has shorter life time than women. These are the worst indicators not only in the EU (European Uninion) but also in the world. After all, the number of lithuanians is low and it is still decreasing. So let's get stronger, let's learn how to change, how to search and find a way out of the difficult situation. Let's learn to listen and communicate without arrogance and ambition's masks for those we love, for the nation's survival, for a new discoveries of the joy of life, for the desire to live.

     In year 2012 Kaunas County Men's Crisis Center done a small psycho-social research to reveal whether men experience life and psychological crises and how they solve them. The highest response rate as the toughest of men experienced crisis gathered "family breakdown" (97.7 percent.) and "Divorce with a loved one" (95.2 percent). As one of the hardest crisis men also notes illness (90.6 percent)., various addictions (89 percent), financial failure (88.9 percent), death of a close person (88.3 percent)., loss of job (84, 4 per cent.), suffered humiliation and shame (81.3 percent), poor living conditions (72.4 percent), even the birth of a child can become a crisis - thinks so 30.2 percent respondents. It turns out that many men are not prepared for fatherhood, some feel rejected. Quite often women do not know whether to trust her men and whether to allow him to take a part of child-rearing concerns. Lack of preparation for fatherhood (motherhood) is indeed causing a family relationship crisis.
     To the question how a person was solving crisis in his/her own life, the men respondents answers were as follows: quietly on his own - 75 percent, asked close people for help - 45.7 percent, relaxed with friends and alcohol - 38.4 percent, searched for professionals who could help - 20.3 percent.

     To the question "Why men do not seek for help" the respondents' answers were distributed as follows: "do not believe that someone can help" - 74.4 percent, "Are afraid to be misunderstood" - 71 percent, "Are afraid of humiliation" - 65.1 percent, "Feels shame" - 64.3 percent, "Do not know where to seek for help" - 54.8 percent, "It is unmanly" - 53.2 percent, "Can not explain what happened" - 46.8 percent. The fact that stereotypes are still persist is shown by men statements like: "it is unmanly to complain", "a man is not milksop", "Be a man, do not cry and do not complain", this is what boys hear since their childhood. Could we say that to our sons, who are in a crisis situation, probably not. And such life experience has taught us that one person is often just closed in himself/herself with his/her problems and can not find his/her way out of those problems. A view from another angle (whether it would be a friend or professional) opens other perspectives and provides an opportunity to look at the crisis differently.
     The feeling of being heard and that someone cares about your hardship helps not to feel lonely and not to want to be cruel.

     It is not true that men do not cry - they are also people, beacause of that we want to encourage: if it is difficult for one to carry the onus, if it appears that the problems and situations are unsolvable, come to our HOUSE, find help.    

     Men or young people can find help in Marijampolė's County Men's Crisis Center regardless of social status, education, religious beliefs, ethnicity or political attitude.

     We are offering help. You just need to call us by phone numbers: 00370 343 59525 or +370 633 55007 every workday from 11.00 to 17.00 and come to us on agreed time. Write to us, ask us marvkc3@gmail.com, let's discuss on website's Forum webpage on your topics of interest.

We do not communicate with people who are drunk or intoxicated from drugs.

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